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Meet the Team

Smitha Krishnan, Founder and Director


Smitha Krishnan started her training in Indian classical dance at the age of 4, but wasn’t introduced to Mohiniyattam till the age of 10 under the tutelage of Guru Kala Vijayan, daughter of Guru Kalyanikuttiyamma, also known as the “Mother of Mohiniyattam”. Smitha trained for over 12 years in Mohiniyattam in India in the strict traditionalist style of Mohiniyattam as structured by Guru Kalyanikuttiyama.  This style is most known for its structural and technical integrity, and Smitha continues to teach this style to her students.

Smitha delivered several solo performances at venues in Kerala and Chennai.  She also became a graded artist for India’s Television Network (Doordarshan).  After migrating to the US, Smitha continued to perform at venues in: – Columbus, OH – Milwaukee, WI – Chicago, IL  – Kansas City, KS – Dallas, TX – Portland, OR and – Seattle, WA.   In the US, Smitha continued to train under Smt. Smitha Rajan, granddaughter of Guru Kalyanikuttiyamma.



In 2013, Smitha was introduced to Smt. Suchithra Visweswaran, an acclaimed performer in Kerala, India, most known for her rendition of the holy Sanskrit scripture Narayaneeyam in Mohiniyattam.  This was a turning point in Smitha’s career as a professional dancer and teacher.  Smitha renewed her training under Smt. Suchithra, and worked on several innovative pieces in Mohiniyattam with her Guru, which she imparted to her students.  Smitha thanks her Guru and mentor, Smt. Suchithra, for giving her the confidence to explore and innovate within the realm of Mohiniyattam.


Mohini School Teachers

Mohini Dance School has 4 teachers including Smitha.  The other Mohini teachers are: Vinitha Vijayan, Manju Jyothish and Reshmi Sekhar.  The School’s goal is to maintain a good student to teacher ratio in order to provide students with individualized attention and focused training in a group setting.  Vinitha, Manju and Reshmi trained exclusively in Mohiniyattam under Smitha prior to becoming teachers.

Vinitha Vijayan, Mohini Dance Teacher
Manju Jyothish, Mohini Dance Teacher
Reshmi Sekhar, Mohini Dance Teacher