Ghanashyam is Mohini Dance School’s first dance ballet in Mohiniyattam was unveiled on May 12th, 2018 at the Kirkland Performance Center, Kirkland, WA.  This two- hour production was an illustration of five chapters of Lord Krishna’s life from his birth to the Gita Upadesham, a historic moment from the epic Mahabharata.

The production was conceptualized by Smitha’s Guru, Smt. Suchithra Visweswaran.  The music was composed by a team of talented musicians in Kerala, India: Sri Perambavoor Manu Narayan (vocals), Sri Aymanam Chandrakumar (nattuvangam and mridangam), Sri Cherthala Samjith (violin), Sri Chalakkudy A.K. Reghu Nadhan (flute), Sri Annammanada Biju (veena), Sri Palarivattam Biju and Guru Suchithra Viswewaran (nattuvangam).

All proceeds from Ghanashyam were to be donated to a charitable organization in Kerala, Sukrutham Charitable Trust, towards the treatment of underprivileged children with cancer and the education of poor children.  However, due to the high costs incurred in producing this event, the production resulted in a loss in spite of conducting two back-to-back shows.  The financial statement associated with this event is published below.  Smitha Krishnan personally covered the losses incurred from the show.

Smitha and her team are committed to promoting these charitable causes and are working hard to take Ghanashyam on the road to generate funds for these causes.  Additionally, Mohini Dance School donated $1000.00 this year towards Kerala Flood Relief through Care and Share.

Ghanashyam Financial Statement

Financial Statement in U.S. Dollars
Total Revenue  $     25,485.00
Total Expense  $   (29,474.88)
Net  $   (3,989.88)


Show Ticket Sales
3.00 p.m. Show $        7,375.00
Tickets Sold: Adult Tickets – 323 & Kid Tickets – 61
6.30 p.m. Show $        6,235.00
Tickets Sold: Adult Tickets – 266 & Kid Tickets – 61
Gross Revenue from Ticket Sales $      13,610.00
Total revenue from sponsorship  $        9,375.00
Mohini Dance School Contribution
Revenue from Kaisiki (Mohini School’s Ticketed Event in 2016) $        2,500.00


Kirkland Performance Center (KPC)
Facility Charge  $       (6,750.00)
Equipment Charge  $          (940.00)
Box Office Charge  $          (525.71)
Tip to staff  $          (400.00)
Venue Total Expense  $       (8,615.71)
Event Day Insurance  $          (168.58)
Original Music Recording in India
Music Recorded in 2017  $       (5,557.00)
Music Recorded in 2018  $       (8,373.00)
Music Recording Total Cost  $    (13,930.00)
Scenery & Props
Material Cost Only  $       (1,075.59)
U haul Rental  $          (215.00)
Scenery & Props Total (no labor cost included)  $       (1,290.59)
Costumes covered by Mohini Dance School Only  $       (1,007.00)
** Participants mostly covered the cost of their individual costumes
Video Coverage
Puget Sound Video  $       (1,895.00)
Brochure, Flyer Printing Costs  $          (468.00)
Rental costs for monthly rehearsals in 2018  $       (1,360.00)
Promo Shoot
Video Coverage in India  $          (250.00)
Including rehearsals and event day  $          (490.00)